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Flight-restricted zones are areas that require special application and permission to fly beyond what is commonly available to the general drone pilot. Due to the secure nature of the airspace, Flight Restricted Zones often require us to hire extra crew and personnel, including law enforcement officers for the flight missions. We have extensive experience navigating the complicated process of obtaining permissions and flying these highly controlled and restricted areas including downtown Washington, DC, and nearby suburbs.  Our experience as manned aircraft pilots allows us to communicate effectively with aviation officials and TSA personnel to efficiently gain access to difficult areas such as these.

Flight Restricted Zones Include:
  • Any area within 15 nautical miles of Regan National Airport

  • Designated Critical Infrastructure (such as bridges, dams, and power plants)

  • Military Operating Areas

  • Prohibited Airspace noted as “P-xxx” on aviation charts

  • Sporting Events

Controlled Airspace

Like Flight Restricted Zones (or “FRZs”), Controlled Airspace requires FAA authorization prior to flight in the airspace.  While this type of access is usually easier to acquire than flight in FRZs, In some areas permission can take weeks to obtain. For information on specific limitations and altitude restrictions, contact us for a review of your specific site and its location.

Flight Restricted Zone Aerials
Fagers SS no boat.png
Aerial Cinematography

Take your project from "nice" to "extraordinary" with expertly-shot and flown aerial cinematography. I secure all FAA permissions, airspace authorizations and fly the perfect mission to collect the visuals you need to make your project shine. FAA-Licensed, night certified and fully-insured with the experience you need.

Aerial Cinematography
Construction  AERIALS

Your site from the air! Flying, analyzing, and delivering data insights for pre-construction bids, construction progress insights, and more. Regular drone flights allow Project Managers consistent insights into progress and accuracy-safely and efficiently. Services include High-resolution Ortho Maps, 3-D Modeling, Cut-and-Fill Analysis, Volume Measurements, Plan Overlays, Thermal Inspections and more.  Controlled & Restricted Airspace Missions a speciality.

Crane Small.png
Construction Photography
Real  Estate  Photos & Video

Showcase the best of your marketed properties with custom-filmed aerial photos and videos. Each subject is meticulously planned and photographed to show your listing in the best possible light. Aerial Real Estate photos & videos sell your home! 

Call or email for custom pricing and package deals.

Real Estate Photography
Aerial Inspections

No rigging, climbing or hoisting means less-expensive, safer, and faster infrastructure inspections.   Capabilities include Wind turbines, towers, solar panels, roofs, industrial complexes and structures, and more. Aerial Thermal Sensing also available.

Aerial Inspections
Underwater Drone Footage
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