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Mike’s background as an EMMY Award-Winning TV and Video Producer allows him to bring a unique approach to aerial imaging projects. His keen eye for aerial shot composition and dynamic movement gives each shot a winning touch.  Methodical planning and collaboration ensures that each mission achieves its ultimate objectives. He has logged more than 1200 hours flight experience, is certified for night drone operations and has flown more than 65 drone missions in the Washington, DC Flight Restricted Zone AKA “DC-FRZ”.  

Mr. Sobola has been a featured guest speaker on Aerial Data Gathering and Mapping via Drone at the Maine Media Workshops, a lecturer at Virginia’s Randolph Macon Academy, a presenter at the NYC Drone Film Festival, and a workshop instructor at NAB.  In addition, he has spoken about UAVs on various panels and workshops in the DC Metro Area.  He has four Emmy Awards including two for his aerial cinematography work.  


How to Make Money With A Drone: A definitive guide to discovering your niche, finding customers & getting paid in the shortest, most cost-effective way possible-even if you’ve never flown a drone

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