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Mid-Atlantic Drones, LLC is a drone service provider specializing in aerial mapping and cinematography and missions in flight-restricted zones.  Principles Mike Sobola and Luisa Winters have more than 20 years of manned pilot flight experience between them. Both being private pilots, they understand the importance of safety and apply their aviation knowledge and experience to their drone missions.

Credentials, Authorizations & Waivers
  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate (all pilots)

  • FAA Part 61 (“Manned Aircraft”) Certificates

  • FAA/TSA Permits for UAS Flight into the DC Flight Restricted Zone (Issued per mission and location)

  • FAA “Flight Over People” Waiver permitting flight over crowds

  • FAA Night Waiver permitting Night Operations

  • Area-Wide Airspace Authorizations for Dulles, BWI, Frederick, Easton, Salisbury, and Martin State

  • NC DOT UAV Permit

  • Level 1-Certified Thermography

  • Pix 4D Certification

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