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"Stay Relevant": wandering conversations with interesting people in TV and beyond.

Lisa Cherkasky and her toasters

Episode 1.  Warm pies, creative casseroles, colorful cookbooks... and a hundred and fifty toasters.  This is the story of DC-based Food Stylist Lisa Cherkasky.

Kimberly Skyrme

When "House of Cards" was relevant, Kimberly Skyrme was casting it.  She chats with mne about the first three seasons, how to get "the part", and why Sundance should be on your list of things to do. Original music by Popmark Media.

Dave Coyne aka DC Lugi

He's a king of YouTube comedy and known for his spot-on impressions of Jack Nicholson, Joe Pece and Christopher Walken.  Sometimes edgy, always creative, Actor, Comedian, Impressionist, Performer Dave Coyne sits down for a wandering chat.  Original Music by Popmark Media.

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